We Love Our Volunteers!

A "Big Thank You" to you and your staff for all that you do to help our brothers and sisters out in their lives! Leif so kindly let us borrow your car seats so we could take Abby and the children out for "pizza" dinner last night. We have to tell you we had a wonderful time the past two nights being with Abby and family.

The children were so well behaved at dinner. I think the rest of the diners were amazed at their good behavior. Also enjoyed listening to the children pray in Spanish at meal times. After dinner last night, we were able to play catch outside. I don't know who had more fun the kids or us!!!!

God Bless,

Bob and Joanne, Volunteers

Thank You

I get so much more then I put into it. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people who have touched my life, especially all the children.

~Linda, Church Coordinator

I feel blessed that I am able to help.I am sure God chose me to be a coordinator and to open my eyes to families in this situation. I wish I could do more.

~Janice, Church Coordinator

What a great program! I spent the evening playing games with the kids. You can see it really makes a difference for the family. They were super. Sign me up again!

~Joann, Church Volunteer

They ask so little and give so much..the guests of Family Promise.
I volunteer where needed and always come away with so much more. The smiles, the appreciaton, the interaction with the children and the success stories..all boost my spirit.

~Jeanne, Day Center & Congregation Volunteer

Family Promise is a way to give back some of what God has given us. It is fulfilling to give of ourselves to someone less fortunate since we are all only a short step from a similar fate.

~Russ, Church Coordinator

After moving here a few years ago I wanted so much to find an organization to help others. I was thrilled to find a place with so many giving, wonderful, caring people and an amazing cause. Little did I know that Family Promise would become such an important part of my life, and little did I know that it would be me who found a home.

~MaryAnn, Volunteer & Board Trustee, 2014

It has been a blessing, especially to watch the families move beyond the despair of homelessness. The evidence of God's love for His children is boundless in the witness of the volunteers. God is certainly working in Cape May County.

~Bonnie, Church Coordinator

I like to spend time with the famlies. What it has done for me is to see different brothers and sisters share time with God' people. Even if it's just a couple of hours. Give what you can, when you can. Hours add up to days.

~Libby, Church Coordinator

Family Promise has been a very tangible opportunity to serve Christ and a wonderful ministry to teach my 8 year old son, who has been a volunteer for half his life, about serving Christ.

~Bobbi-Jo, Coordinator, First Baptist Church of Wildwood

Family Promise has united our Church family in our outreach services. It is a joy working with the families and learning of their successes. One child's smile is a golden gift to my heart.

~Edith, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Ocean City

It has changed my life to be able to help others in need. To see their faces as the week goes on and how happy they are to be in the program. This program is wonderful! Having a wonderful co-coordinator and volunteers really makes me happy and keeps me going.

~Marilyn, Coordinator, Cold Sping Presbyterian

About 9 years ago, with a few members from a few churches, we started to talk about forming an organization to help homeless people in Cape May County. With the help of the Lord and our volunteers we accomplished it. I did not know there were homeless people in Cape May County. Some of their stories were heartbreaking. It makes me feel good that we were able to help our families get back on their feet again and realize "The American Dream."

~Mary, Board Trustee, 2014

What an impressive program! It has been amazing to watch the transformation of the families. They come in without hope, depressed, feeling alone, and scared. They find a support system that encourages, educates, and offers the individualized help they need. They leave our program with renewed hope, a sparkle in their eyes, and have discovered or rediscover how very much God loves them and has his hand on their lives and opens doors they thought were closed.

~JoanCoordinator, Volunteer, Our Lady of Angels RCC

It is a wonderful experience watching the families grow as they journey through Family Promise and find stability in their lives. The children are precious and so loving and adjust so well to the program.

~Bonnie, Coordinator, Cold Spring Presbyterian

For me it has put a face on "homeless".
I consider it a pleasure to show up, fix dinner, talk, and interact with the families, not work! I'm proud to be a part of this fantastic program and try to spread the word.

~Steve, Coordinator, Holy Trinity Espiscopal Church of OC

I feel such joy and honor that I was asked to be the Secretary for the board of Family Promise. I found it so uplifting to help a family purchase a home for the first time after being homeless. I will never forget this experience. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY" BLESSINGS!

~Sandra, Board Secretary, 2014

Family Promise has amazed me in so many ways! Of course I'm in awe when hearing the families tell stories about "where they were" and how grateful they are to Family Promise, but to actually see other people in the room, including volunteers, donors, business owners, elected officials, etc. open up their hearts.....is also very beautiful!
I can't say enough about Laurie and Kathleen and all they put into their positions. We are fortunate to have a Board that includes many talented professionals who are also kind and fun to work with. Most importantly the Board, staff, volunteers and community are passionate about helping families one by one, and in helping Family Promise continue grow!

~Joni, Board Treasurer, 2014

"I feel blessed and honored to work alongside caring volunteers who are helping to remove the stigma and trauma of homelessness for children and their families here in Cape May County. We get to serve as the very real presence of Christ at a critical times in people's lives."

~Rev Doug Shenton, Board Trustee, 2014

My mother used to say "There but for the grace of God go I." Being part of Family Promise allows me to show my thanks for blessings received. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

~Teri, Board Trustee, 2014

Family Promise does an amazing job helping homeless families. They have found homes for so many and continue to do exceedingly well for the families in our community. Not only do they help find homes but they bring hope to families who feel like they have lost everything.
And since child poverty in the united states is higher than any other country we need more organizations like family promise helping our communities.

~Monica Rojas, Student at ACCC


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